No More Missing Charger!

Thanks to Everlet®, the days of lost or forgotten phone chargers are a thing of the past! The innovative, easy-to-use product solves a multitude of phone charging issues by combining the ability to not only charge multiple devices at ONCE but also charges faster than any other product on the market!

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Easy Setup

Replace your wall plate with ours, one screw and that’s it. Use your normal charging cube and cable or upgrade to our fast charging cube and 3-headed cord. No electrical wiring necessary.

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Quick Storage

Want your cord out of the way? No problem, Everlet® has a built-in, wire wrapping solution. And you can still plug something else into the other outlet. 

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”What a great idea. I have one in my bedroom, family room AND office.”

Everlet® puts a hold on stolen chargers with an intuitive design that’s convenient, secure, and accessible. Simply replace your outlet cover with Everlet® and you’ll never have to worry about finding a charger again. Never again will you have to yell “Where’s My Charger?®” 

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