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Smartphone Nation

Many people think back about the way life used to be and can’t believe how we ever survived without our smartphones and digital devices. Our phones today are no longer just mere communication devices, but rather an integral part of our lifestyle. These devices have also transformed the American household. One third of homes in our country have at least 3 smartphones being used every day and some are even hyper-connected, meaning that 10 or more devices are in play by various family members. It is clear that the smartphone and tablet craze sweeping the nation is not going to let up anytime soon.

Big Data, Small Batteries

When we rely on our smartphones and devices to keep us connected to news, texts, social media, apps and games 24/7, it’s no wonder that their batteries seem to be constantly thirsty and in need of charging. So many of us have spent countless dollars on charging plugs and cables, only to discover that they seem to disappear just as soon as we get them out of the package.

Our inability to keep track of our beloved charging cords creates what experts call Low Battery Anxiety, that feeling of doom when a person’s smartphone or device reaches the 20% battery life point. Despite our best efforts, we just can’t seem to find a cord when we need one.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving – The Everlet® Charging Solution

For all the people in your life, toss their “Where's My Charger?®” fears to the wind with the Everlet® total charging solution. Our great product replaces a standard electrical outlet cover with an attractive and sleek replacement that secures the charging plug and cord to the wall with one simple screw. Not only is the plug hidden behind the wall plate, but the durable cover also allows the cord to be accessed from a reinforced and totally secure opening. Next time your gift recipients finds themselves scrambling to find a phone charger, it will always be there with the Everlet®.  

Home, Office or Public Places – We’ve Got Your Charger Covered!

Whether you want a stationary charging solution for home, office or commercial establishment, Everlet® has what you need. Our Everlet® family of products are designed to perform flawlessly, not matter the environment. Our customers have used their Everlet® in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, office and even in restaurants and airports, where charging cord theft tends to be a real problem. 

Who Would Love The EverletCharge As A Gift?

Everyone! Be the top gift giver for any occasion throughout the year with the best, stationary charging cord solution that requires no wiring or electrical knowledge and installs in minutes. The Everlet® is perfect for:

  • Gifts For Dads, Grads & Moms.
  • Birthday gifts.
  • Holiday gifts.
  • A special present for your favorite cord stealer (kids).
  • Makes a great housewarming gift.

You can purchase the Everlet® cover alone to use with your own cord and plug, or the Package, which includes the cover, fast charging plug, as well as a three-foot cable with several of the most popular connectors attached.

Trying to decide how many Everlets to buy as gifts? One for every room! Don’t let your friends and loved ones suffer from Low Battery Anxiety ever again.  

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