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How Does Fast Charging Work?

What is Fast Charging?

It is a common nightmare that we have all experienced. Your phone is dead because the battery ran out of juice. When this happens, you feel out of touch with the world. Some people remember years ago, when it took many hours to get your battery fully charged again.

As technology evolved, the time it took to reboot batteries began to decrease dramatically and today we have the option of fast charging. As the term implies, fast charging is the ability for your phone to get fully charged in the shortest amount of time possible. Sounds simple, but the reality of it is that not every phone can be fast charged in the same way and there are some potential risks involved too. Ready to get in the weeds on fast charging? Let’s go.

Fast Charging Explained

With any battery charging device, the output of the charge is determined in the measurement of both amperage and voltage. Many people confuse the two, but simply put, amps (current) is the amount of electricity being sent to a device, whereas volts measures the strength of the electric current. The computation of total power is expressed in watts, which is calculated by multiplying volts by amps.

In order to make a device charge more rapidly, most manufacturers will either raise the amperage or adjust the voltage of the charging device, which increases the amount of energy being inputted into a phone. However, the strategy sometimes is to modify both.

Standard USB ports usually send out 5 volts and 1 amps to smaller devices, such as phones or tablets. Most of these products can easily handle 5 volts and up to 2.4 amps, but under normal circumstances, the amps are usually never that high. For fast charging to occur, some products that you plug your device into will raise the volts considerably, as well as the amperage.

Often times your phone or device is smarter than the fast charging unit. Your tablet or phone will only allow in as much power as its charging circuit is designed to handle. This limiting technology will actually defeat the investment you made in the fast charging unit. In order for the fast charge to work properly, you will need to match your device’s charging circuit parameters to the power that the charger is putting out. Also, don’t forget that your cable needs to be able to handle the juice going through it too. Many standard charging cables are not designed for increased wattage.

How To Improve Charging Speed

Here are some great tips on how to improve the charging speed on your phone or device.
  • Phone Power Capacity

    Find out how much capacity your device’s charging circuit is designed to allow into the battery. You won’t get any benefit from a 9 volt, 4 amp charger, if your phone will only allow a fraction of that to come in at any given time.

  • Get The One You Need

    Depending on the type of phone or device you have, the compatible charger will vary. Do some research on your brand of device to see which chargers are designed to work with it.

  • Research The Downside

    Fast charging units have been known to damage phone and tablets. Do an internet search on your device model to see what pitfalls there are to avoid. In the end, fast charging may not be all that if it destroys your phone.

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Happy Charging!


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