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How To: Install your Everlet® Wall Plate

Remove old wallplate. EVERLET® must be used with single, center-screw outlets. Plug your charger into wall outlet and feed your cable through the EVERLET® slot.

Plug USB end into the charger and slide EVERLET® wallplate down the cable to fit snug over the charger/cable

Secure EVERLET® to the outlet using your existing wallplate screw CABLE STORAGE - Wrap cable around EVERLET® and secure the end by pushing into the side slot.

Once installed, store your charger cable neatly by wrapping it around Everlet® wings and secure the end by pushing it into the side slot.

Now you are all to begin using your Everlet® product. Interested in learning how to install your Everlet® sleeve or perhaps learning more about how Everlet® came to be? Check out our FAQ page to watch our video andor visit our About Us page to discover the genesis of this life changing product!

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