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What is Juice Jacking?

You are running late for the airport, but thankfully traffic is light and you arrive in plenty of time to grab a cup of your favorite coffee and relax at the gate.  Your phone’s battery is a little low, so you look around for one of those free, USB port charging stations to plug into as you wait for the flight to board.

All is well, but wait….is it? It appears that cyber thieves have struck again and now we all have to worry about something called juice jacking. No matter what kind of smart phone you have these days, they all can use a USB cable to charge the battery. These cables are also commonly used to transmit and receive data on phones as well. 


Cell Phone Hacking Through the USB Cable - How Does Juice Jacking Happen?

Juice jacking was first reported around 2011 and normally occurs when a phone is plugged into a public,  USB charging station. These devices are normally found in restaurants, airports, coffee shops and bus stations. Through the USB cable, cyber bad guys can steal your personal information, passwords, photos and contact lists. In addition, malware or malicious code can also be installed on your phone in this way. Often there are computers set up behind the walls of public charging ports that are specifically designed to capture your phone’s data.   

How to Avoid Juice Jacking

It is not always easy to identify a safe, USB charging station outside of your home. Here are some great tips on how to avoid the risks of juice jacking.

Power Only USB Cables
Not many people know this, but you can buy USB cables that will only power a phone and not allow the transmission of data to occur. These specialized cables are missing the two wires that allow data transfer to happen.

Lock It Up
In most cases, if your phone is truly locked and needs a password to be opened, this will usually stop it from being paired with another device.

Carry an Extra Battery
It might be a little on the inconvenient side, but carrying an extra battery with you will help avoid having to plug in at the airport or your favorite coffee shop.  

The Safest Way to Avoid Juice Jacking - Make It Easy to Charge at Home Or Office With the Everlet® Charging Solution
Many smartphone users today complain that it is difficult to charge their devices at home or office because other people keep taking their charging cables to use for themselves. If there was only a way to secure your personal charging cord and plug.

Welcome to the Everlet® charging solution!

The Everlet® solves the “where’s my charger?®” dilemma that most people experience by permanently attaching a charging station to a wall outlet, thus making it impossible for other people to take the cord away from you. The Everlet® charging solution replaces a standard wall plate with an attractive, tamper resistant unit that actually hides the charging plug behind it. While the unit’s cord is easily accessible, it cannot be removed from the specially designed Everlet® outlet cover.

No matter if you want to use the Everlet® charging solution in a bedroom, bath, kitchen, garage or office, you will always have the peace of mind to know that your charger will be there whenever it is needed. So avoid the risks of juice jacking that are so common in public, USB charging stations. Charge up worry free with the Everlet® charging system!


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