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Digital Devices as a Lifestyle

Smartphones, tablets and other devices have become an integral part of our modern lifestyle. As our devices allow us to be connected to the world 24/7, every piece requires power from a battery or outlet to operate. Access to immediate power everywhere and keeping chargers where they’re “supposed” to be, is a constant battle.

As a father of five children, I have witnessed a lot of devices in our home. It’s a challenge to keep every charging cord and plug straight for each user, let alone each device. As power depletes, “Where’s My Charger?®” is a question asked almost every hour. Like most families, we needed a solution that keeps the charging cords and plugs stationary as well as secured throughout our home. And so, I invented the Everlet®.

The ‘Where’s My Charger?®’ Solution – Everlet® Family of Products

The Everlet® is the perfect solution for the never-ending saga of the lost charging cord and plugs. Designed for home, office, and commercial applications, the Everlet® product  provides homeowners, employees and customers the peace of mind to know that access to a reliable and stationary charging source is always within reach. Stay tuned for never before seen products

Here’s why the Everlet® product will quickly become a staple in your life:

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