Everlet® Wallplate with Fast Charging Cube & 3ft Cord


Everlet Wallplate with Fast Charging Cube Bundle
Everlet Wallplate with Fast Charging Cube Bundle Fast Charging Cube Fast Charging Phone Charger Bundle Compatibility

Your Bundle includes:

  • Fast Charging Cube
  • Compatible with Apple, Android & Kindle devices
  • Everlet® wallplate
  • 3-headed cord that is 3ft long
  • MFi certified by Apple

The Fast Charging Cube powers your device 3 TIMES FASTER than a standard charger.

Enjoy the Convenience:

  • ALWAYS know exactly where your charger is
  • Charge phones and tablets in a fraction of the time
  • Versatility with charging ports for multiple devices
  • Cord wrapping ability for safe and easy storage

This bundle is the perfect addition to your family room, bedroom, kitchen, office, or everywhere your family needs device power.

Everlet® stops charger robbers! With an intuitive design that’s convenient, secure, & accessible, the Everlet® keeps your charger where it needs to be. Never again will your family yell, “Where’s My Charger?®

About Everlet®

Everlet® is a solution-oriented product for device charging. Everlet® connects your charger to outlets and protects your charger. Everlet’s intuitive design is convenient, secure, & easy for the whole family. Use the quick 3-Step-Process to simply replace your outlet cover with Everlet® for a charging hub and a stationary solution.

Plug your phone into Everlet® and once you’re charged, simply wrap the cord around the unit for a seamless look.


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