Everlet® Wallplate


Wall plate
Wall plate Wall plate image from side view

Everlet® Wallplate puts a hold on stolen chargers with an intuitive design that’s convenient, secure, & accessible. Simply replace your outlet cover with this secure wall plate and you’ll never have to worry about finding a charger again. Never again will you have to yell “Where’s My Charger?®"

Uses your own cube style charger cable to turn any outlet into a charging station.

About Everlet® Wallplate

Everlet® connects your charger to outlets and protects your charger. Everlet’s intuitive design is convenient, secure, & easy for the whole family. Use the quick 3-Step-Process to simply replace your outlet cover with Everlet® for a charging hub and a stationary solution.

Plug your phone into the white wall plate and once you’re charged, simply wrap the cord around the unit for a seamless look.


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